Cold smoke generators.

Cold smoke generators 2 main types

  • CS1 universal cold smoke generator. One load up to 20 hours non stop smoking.
  • CS2 universal cold smoke generator with cooler-filter. One load up to 20 hours non stop smoking. Cooler-filter give an extra oportunity to control max output smoke tempereature, to condense heavy fraction of smoke.
  • Wood box for cold smoking.

How it works.

Fulfil 120mm 5.5l bulb with smoking wood chips. Switch in air pump and burn the wood chips. That`s it.

Products from this article

  • OV1.3 COR-TEN® steel outdoor oven


  • FR1.2 COR-TEN® firewood rack 600x1200mm


  • FGr1.1 traditional Finnish wood grill


  • MS1.1 Japanese Konro grill with a fireclay box

    1,00 201,00 

We do a crash test for all our products for many ours to make sure that evrything works perfectly.

Up to 48 hours non stop smoke generate to check all parameters.

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