The Art of Smoking Food: The Cold Smoking vs. Hot Smoking Battle.

Flavor and texture differences.

Give a sweet, mild, and slightly fruity flavor.
Absolutely best for poultry.
Give a mild and subtle flavor. Confirmed classic for all type of food salmon, bacon, cheese, poultry.
Give a sweet, fruity, and slightly tart flavor.
With smoking vegetables or figs it like yin and yang feeling.
Give a strong, smoky, and slightly sweet flavor.
Burning classic for hot smoking.
Give a well-rounded smoky flavor.
Certified classic.
Give a strong, bold, and slightly spicy flavor.
Something special.
Is often used in combination with oak wood for hot smoking. The combination of oak and apple can provide a well-rounded smoky flavor with a hint of sweetness from the apple wood.
Juniper berries are a popular addition to hot smoking, particularly for smoking game meats like venison and elk. Juniper berries have a distinct piney and slightly citrusy flavor.

Your Smoking Equipment:

Here are some general guidelines for cold smoking times:

Here are some estimated average smoking times for hot smoking different foods:

Some tips and tricks for food smoking:

More info about cold smoking and hot smoking from other site:

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