Binchotan / lump wood oak charcoal / fruit trees charcoal and woodfire

TiskreFire propose 3 types of premium restaurant quality charcoal. 1. made by traditional Japanese technology binchotan 2. lump wood oak charcoal. 3. fruit trees charcoal and firewood.

  1. Prized by chefs around the world, binchotan is a very pure high carbon charcoal made from oak. Unlike lump charcoal and briquettes, because of high carbon content it is completely odourless – enabling you to enjoy the natural flavours of the food. Binchotan is absolutly best for small grills. Binchotan is also a pain in the ass to light, and while, yes it does burn very longer, and a lot more hot.
  2. Hardwood lump charcoal is charcoal made from chunks of hardwood like oak.  With no fillers to burn down, hardwood lump produces a lot less ash than charcoal briquettes, and by weight, it burns for about 30 minutes longer.The nitty gritty of burn time and ash aside, though, hardwood lump’s big difference is the real wood smoke. Pure charcoal, made almost entirely of carbon, won’t smoke at all when lit–what makes smoke, and that smoky flavor, are the bits of real wood that remain in the mix.
  3. Fruit wood , as with firewood or charcoal , is ideal for use in an open pit style barbecue or offset style smoker however can be used with most styles of barbecue or grill on the market.  A small amount can go a long way.  Adding too much wood can make your food too smokey and unpleasant to eat.  The idea is to have barbecue food taste like “it has been kissed by smoke, not dragged through a bushfire”.  Common fruit woods available  are apple, cherry, plum, pear.

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